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Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 by m0nkrus

Program for non-linear editing of entry level Adobe Premiere Elements combines reliable multi-functional editing tools for video material digitized or originally shot on a digital camera and means of controlling the creative process of high class. Thanks to Adobe Premiere Elements you at home have the opportunity to get the videos of the highest professional level. To all this, it is possible to use titles, special effects and the sound of the Dolby Digital system.

Features of the program:

Turning photos into exciting movies. Enliven your photos with panning and zooming effects, make your story dramatic or funny. Automated functions themselves will find and select faces and apply panning and zooming effects to them.
Convenient correction or color improvement. Automatically increase the tone saturation and brightness, without affecting the skin color. Separately adjust the colors of bright areas, shadows or medium tones.
HD quality on standard DVDs. Record quality HD movies on affordable DVDs using standard recording devices.
Fast demonstration on popular sites. Import video clips and instantly upload them to Facebook and YouTube, and quickly publish finished movies on Facebook.1
Faster adding of labels for photos using your friends list on Facebook. Use your friends list on Facebook to quickly tag people in your photos, and then easily upload these photos to Facebook.
Quick search of photos by objects of shooting. Do you want to find pictures on which you have captured your surfboard, your grandmother's house or the Eiffel Tower? The object search function itself will find photos depending on what is depicted on them.
Export to AVCHD format. Demonstrate movies in high-quality AVCHD format.

The main functions of Adobe Premiere Elements:

Easily and easily transform your videos
Perfect movies, instantly. Select clips and theme - and the movie is ready. InstantMovie allows you to automatically mount clips, adding music, titles and effects to them according to the chosen theme.
Titles to the very point. Select Adobe-only fonts that are designed for video only, transform their style with shadows, radiance, animations that cause the titles to skip, rotate, or resize throughout the scene.
Add effects that move according to the action of the scene. Add bubbles, graphics and other funny decorative elements that move along with the objects in the scene.
As if by magic, use cinematic styles. Transform your movies with completely new moods and visual effects, using Hollywood styles, such as "Comics" and "The Past."

New and improved features of Adobe Premiere Elements 2018:

Moments of everyday life. Easily extract photos of everyday life! Do you want to capture the most memorable moments in your videos and photos? Now you can automatically extract great photos from video in camera format.
The "Moments of Everyday Life" tool in Premiere Elements automatically extracts the most memorable moments in the form of photos without embellishment. After receiving these photographic moments of everyday life, you can save them to your computer, export them to the project timeline for editing, or you can create a slide show.
Smart pruning. Automatically crop bad shots and leave good ones! Do you find it too difficult and time-consuming to crop the video? The process of cropping a video clip in camera format has become even simpler. Use the new improved "Smart Crop" tool to find and merge the best scenes based on the video style. Automatic smart pruning allows you to effectively extract from the video clip and combine interesting scenes of good quality.
Creating a still picture with a moving title is controlled editing. Highlight special moments in the video clip. Create a snapshot of the action in the video, and then add a spectacular moving title. Use this managed editing process to highlight the moments in the video clip and add moving titles to it.
Creating the "Bounce" effect - controlled editing. Create funny effects with a bounce! Use this managed editing process so that the video clip is played back and forth several times. Export the bounce effect as an animated GIF (Windows) or a short video clip.
Correcting the material from the action camera - controlled editing. Correct distortion of the lens in the materials from the action cameras at a professional level! Use this managed editing process to fix the video footage received with the help of action cameras. Quickly shorten the footage with the Smart Trimming tool, emphasize the bright colors with the Color Correction tool, and correct the fisheye distortion using the Lens Distortion tool.
Creating an animated publication for a social network is managed editing. Create short visual stories and publish them on social networks! An animated publication for a social network is a publishing effect that allows you to add animated text and captions to video and photos. After that, you can adjust the font, position and animation of the text to quickly create short videos ready for publication on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.
Internet parameter sets related to the project. Now Premiere Elements displays Internet settings sets, depending on the type of project. For example, only NTSC sets are displayed for the NTSC project, and only PALs are displayed for the PAL project. In addition, Full HD kits have been added to publish projects on Facebook and Vimeo.
Export as an animated GIF file (for Windows only). Now when exporting a video, you can create animated GIFs from small video fragments on Windows platforms. To create an animated GIF file, select the GIF option and specify the resolution. The length of the GIF file can not exceed 10 seconds.
Make the right sound. Add depth and drama, using any of the 50 variations of musical accompaniment and 250 sound effects.
You can slow down, you can accelerate. Make stress, add a brace or drama with slow-motion effects. Accelerate the survey to quickly trace the development of the story or create an atmosphere of vigorous action, excitement or fun.
Show your real colors. Using the sliders, you can adjust the color of the clip as easily as
this is done for photos.
Try to combine photos. Complete one clip with the colors and texture of the other, add a signature or copyright notice in the form of a watermark or use many other features.
It is enough just to drag. Drag and drop thumbnails of your clips, transitions and effects to quickly create a movie. Crop and share video clips, use
filters and effects, create "picture-in-picture" effects, print titles and text directly on the screen.
Intelligent parameters save time. Automatically correct the effect of jitter, color and lighting defects, cut everything, leaving only the most successful materials, and balance the sound elements to ensure professional sound quality throughout the entire film.
Creation and dissemination
Publish your stories. Send ready-made movies to Vimeo and YouTube. Publish them in your personal web galleries and view them on your tablet or smartphone. In addition, record HD quality movies on affordable DVDs using standard recording devices, and display movies in high-quality AVCHD * format.
Optimize video for any screen and any platform. Ensure quality playback on any device, from mobile phones to the latest HDTVs. Create versions for traditional TVs (4: 3) or for
widescreen format (16: 9). Demonstrate finished movies on mobile devices, including on the iPad, iPod, iPhone and other mobile phones.
All your materials are at hand at any time
Let all the pictures be smooth. Track clips and movies by people, places and events.
Look where it was. Live your travels again and again: browse photos and videos on the map, which shows where they were made.
Find the best materials right away. Do not need to look at the raw files for hours to find the most interesting places, because automatic processes can independently find the best clips and photos for you.

Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian , Turkish, French, Czech, Swedish, Japanese

All the advantages of supporting 64-bit Windows 7. Quickly and with a stable result, edit the materials thanks to the support of 64-bit Windows 7 operating systems.
Unusual results due to new opportunities for creativity. Make your movies more interesting, using new themes, online album templates and much more.
A more perfect sound on a Mac. Are you using Mac for editing? Now you can use the SmartSound function to add various audio tracks that are automatically adjusted according to the length of the movie.




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